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October 31, 2008


Woke up this morning and decided to drive in so that I could be home early enough to watch Halloween before I head out to the pre-party for the Rocky Horror Show. I needed gas so I filled up and then started to drive away, that's when things started acting up with my car. The idle got rough, and starting up from a dead stop, it acted like I wasn't taking my foot off the clutch properly. I thought maybe a fuel injector was acting up, but then the check engine light came on. I turned around and headed back in, listening to the engine, something was definitely not right. I could hear it like it was knocking, so I thought either I had a bad batch of gasoline, or a spark plug had gone bad.

So I dropped it off at the shop and headed into work. About an hour later they called me back.  The wires leading to the spark plugs had gone bad and were leaking voltage, causing the plugs to misfire.  So they definitely had to be replaced because if I didn't, I would end up ruining the catalytic converter and then a $300 repair would turn into a $2,500 repair.  

I shouldn't be entirely surprised that this would happen, the car is about 11 years old now.  So the car is fixed up and driving again, thank goodness.

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