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October 31, 2008

Donate to No on Prop 8

Unless you have studiously avoided the media for the last 5 months, you know that California has a proposition put forward to the voters to amend their state constitution to ban same-sex marriage.  This is popularly known as Prop 8.  As it is, the polls have been running neck and neck on whether or not this will end up being approved, and that means lots of ads have been going out for both sides.

I have watched this issue with interest, and after thinking about it, and with a bit of prompting from Fredo, I have made a donation to No On Prop 8.  The big reason I did it is because the folks who want to vote yes on Prop 8 have been getting some big donations lately from some well known religions that are against same-sex relationships.  Quite frankly, I want to give my support to the No on Prop 8 folks as a sort of fuck you to those folks.  They really have no good reason to be involved in this as the CA law only allows for marriage to be considered legal by the state, the church does not have to marry a same-sex couple if they don't want to.  It would be fun to watch their heads explode if same-sex marriage stays in CA, and the sky does not fall in like they seem to think will happen.

Anyway, I hope you will consider making a donation as well, they need to be in tonight.  Beside that, if you know anyone in CA, write to them and tell them why they should support No on 8, because there is no good reason t0 ban civil same-sex marriage.

This is the last chance, they need donations by midnight tonight, so make them now!

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  1. Thank you for supporting No on 8. As a Californian, nothing is more important compared to the other propositions and measures. What we set forth on Tuesday will certainly help paint the picture for the rest of the nation.