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November 03, 2008

No on Slots

One of the major issues that has come up in this election is whether or not to approve allowing slot machines in Maryland. The advertisement is that it will raise more money for the state, especially during a budget crunch, and the money would go to the schools. The claim is that it would mean no new taxes being levied either...or so they say.

So, the idea looks good, and I was very much a slots supporter. However, I plan on voting No on slots in Maryland tomorrow.

A few weeks ago I was talking to Rob, and he pointed out that the laws that would approve slots would be in the form of a constitutional amendment to the Maryland State Constitution.  This is not a regular law, this would be in the state constitution.  The amendment defines what areas can have slots, and how many slots are allowed, but it really doesn't define where the money is supposed to go, so even if they claim that it will be going to the schools (which not enough is in my opinion) that can be changed at any time.

There is a companion piece of legislation hinging on this being approved to define those percentages.  Not even half of the money is going to go to the schools.  Hell, it actually goes to the education trust fund, so who really knows if it will get to the schools, or to the schools that need it the most.  1/3 of the money go to the businesses that want these slot licenses.  I have news for you, they're not based in Maryland.  1/3 of the money already gone, likely not to be seen again.

So not only do I dislike the percentages of the m0ney, because I think more could be kept in the state.  I absolutely do not agree that this should be in our constitution.  This could have been a regular law as voted on by the legislature and gone to a referendum vote by the public.  You know why they're trying to put it in the constitution?  So that it will be extremely difficult to block it before the law takes effect, or even undo it.  This is bad legislation all around.

If you live in Maryland, I hope you will vote No on November 4th for slots, and that you suggest to your friends they do the same.

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