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November 03, 2008

My Thoughts for Tomorrow

I have kept my mouth shut a lot of the current election cycle, but tomorrow, I finally get to make my choices.  Here are my endorsements (Prince George's County, Maryland:

President/Vice President: Barack Obama/Joe Biden; I have supported Obama since he became the candidate, but his infomercial last week finally clinched it because he gave details on what he was going to do, and the details actually do make sense and are possible.

Congressional Representative: Steny H. Hoyer; He's done well in congress, he deserves another two years.

Judge of the Judicial Court, Judicial Circuit 7: Andre Michael Chapdelaine, Larnzell Martin Jr., Crystal Dixon Mittelstaedt, Alber W. Northrop, Nicholas Elias Rattal;  Their profiles on the Washington Post looked good.

Retain Deborah Eyler as Judge of Court of Special Appeals: Yes

Retain Robert A. Zarnoch as Judge of Court of Special Appeals: Currently undecided, Zarnoch did represent the state of Maryland in the same-sex marriage case earlier this year that did not go in favor of same-sex couples.  However, I can't find out at this point if he actually felt this way about marriage, or if he had to do it because it is part of his then job as an assistant Attorney General.

State Question 1 (Early Voting): Yes

State Question 2 (Slots): No

County Question A (Bonds for libraries): Yes

County Question B (Bonds for Public Safety Facilities): Yes

County Question C (Bonds for County Buildings): No

County Question D (Bonds for Public Works, Roads): Yes

County Question E (Bonds for Community Colleges): Yes

County Question F (Increase Phone Tax from 9% to 11%): No

County Question G (Increase Notice for Public Hearing from 5 to 10 days): Yes

These are subject to change as new information is received.

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