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June 23, 2009

Back to Normal

Went and saw the doctor today for a follow-up.  That had to have been one of the shortest visits I have ever had, simply because I'm basically fine.  My scar has healed up very well, and I am up and moving about and look great.  Not much else had to be done except to look at the scar and advise me to keep it out of the sun as much as possible.  Apparently it could end up looking really ugly if I don't.  Now I normally like being out in the sun anyway, so I'll have to make sure to cover it in sunscreen.

Have I mentioned that medical bills suck?  That's a whole other story though.

Besides that, now it means no more restrictions, and it's about freaking time.  I was starting to feel a bit like a blob because there is some exercise I have not been able to do for the last few weeks, such as my shovelgloving, or even some of the strength exercises on Wii Fit.  Now that I can do them again, I will be working out with a vengeance.  I already did so tonight.

Now I can ride roller coasters as well, which is good because I have been making plans to make a few park visits.  As it is, I am up to 96 coasters ridden in the world.  I will be crossing the 100 coasters mark in the next few weeks when I make my very first visit to Carowinds down in Charlotte, NC.  I can't wait to go because it looks like there are some good coasters there, and it's another Cedar Fair owned park.  I also scored an awesome deal on a hotel that is a mile from the park.  Perhaps there is someone who is interested in joining me?

So glad to pick up where I left off, in a sense.

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