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May 13, 2010

Questioning Death

The other day I learned that a friend of mine that I had recently re-connected with died suddenly. She was only 25.

I can understand when a person lives a very long life that eventually it is time for them to go. Why is it though that some end up losing their life at a relatively young age? What is the reasoning behind that? There's always those who would be quick to tell me that God is the one who decides that, but I have never been satisfied with that explanation.  I think it's a major oversimplification, and that there is a lot more at work to this than just some entity deciding that someone's time is up.

Besides that, what's the reasoning behind when someone is taken at a very young age, especially when they had just found happiness?  For those who would argue it's God's will, then God has a pretty fucked up sense of humor to decide someone's time is up right when things are going much better for them than they have been for the last few years.  All it does is make things feel worse for the loved ones that are left behind.

I suppose it is something that I will never understand in this lifetime, but I wouldn't mind trying, if only to prove that the answer isn't very simple at all.

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