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August 21, 2007

Well now...

I got my things back from Joshua on Sunday, and we talked for a bit.

Basically he says that I need to get settled down and not spread myself so thin. I'm willing to accept that yes, I got spread pretty thin these last few weeks, but hell, I wasn't expecting I was going to just get fed up with a few things around here and move, and I didn't expect Godspell to take up as much time as it did, among other things. Then again, he could also have some unreasonable expectations as to how I spend my time. There's so much I have done in the last few weeks that have been nothing but good for me.

Besides working with Godspell, which even though yes I'm ready for it to be over, I have had fun with it. Plus I have made a few friends out of the experience, including some soon to be neighbors. I took a self-defense course so that I can at least try to fend off an attacker, and I will be taking an advanced course. Since these courses were only one-day courses, I may look into taking a real series of the courses at a nearby martial arts academy. I've done a lot of walking, a lot of hiking, got to even try out some kayaking. If anything, it's defined further what I do enjoy doing, and it's also led me to be more of an independent person.

It was fun with Joshua while it lasted, I learned a lot, and he still wants to be friends, that's cool. I'm getting past the whole "I blew it with a great guy" phase at this point. All the haters can start crawling out of the woodwork now to bash Joshua all you want if it will make you feel better. Funny how you can talk to Mike about my relationships, but you don't have the guts to say it to me. According to Mike, a whole lot of people didn't think that what I was doing was right based on what he was telling you, and to that I say sit and spin. There's two sides to every story and there's a lot of context that you don't get unless you're there.

Anyway it's just time to start a new chapter in my life, which is having my own place and doing my own thing. We'll see where the road leads. The one defined variable is that I am not going to even bother with re-activating any of my dating profiles or even looking for a date until at least a month after I move. It's time for a break in that regard.

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  1. I'm sorry things didn't work out.. you seemed to be pretty happy with him.

    All this means is there is something better that awaits you.